What can you do as citizen?

7. Other EP tools available to EU citizens

Dialogue with religious and non-confessional organisations

The EP is directly involved in the organisation of a series of events to promote and facilitate inter-religious dialogue. Article 17 of the TFEU provided a legal framework for informal contacts between EU institutions and churches, religious associations, and philosophical and non-confessional organisations in order to encourage an open, transparent dialogue. The EP takes active part in such a dialogue by organising conferences and debates.

The European Parliament Mediator for International Parental Child Abduction

The European Parliament Mediator for International Parental Child Abduction was created in 1987 in order to help children from bi-national marriages/relationships victims of parental abduction. The European Parliament plays an active role in the legislative debate, putting the experience gained by the Mediator's Office to the citizens' service.


The Eurobarometer is an instrument for surveying the opinion of citizens on the EP, its image, and its role; their knowledge of the institution; their sense of European belonging, identity, and citizenship; their priorities and political values. Special Eurobarometer reports on discrimination in the EU have been published since 2006; the most recent was published in 2015


The European Parliament's activity in the area of fundamental rights includes the awarding of four yearly prizes for excellence in human rights, cinema, youth projects, and good citizenship.


Each year, through patronage, the EP provides its moral support to a number of events (conferences, debates, seminars, summer schools, awards, competitions, festivals, etc.) that meet certain requirements.