Weekly outline

  • Introduction

    Course by CEJI - A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe and OBC Transeuropa.

    Texts and materials edited by: Melissa Sonnino, Luisa Chiodi, Fazila Mat. Update by: Rossella Vignola, Giulia Bassetto and Serena Epis 

    Graphics and contents: Roberta Bertoldi.

    The course is aimed at representatives of civil society organisations, active citizens, students, teachers, and public administrators and aims to:

    - provide a basic knowledge of the European institutions and in particular of the functioning of the European Parliament by showcasing European anti-discrimination policies;

    - make civil society organisations aware of the strategies for effective bottom-up political action at the European level;

    - encourage students and teachers to discover and use the sources available on the portals of the European institutions to deepen their knowledge of the European Parliament and enrich classroom teaching on European issues.


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    Il Parlamento dei diritti 3


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    Created in January 2017; updated in April 2022 

  • Anti-discrimination policies

  • Discovering the EP and its resources