What can you do as citizen?

5. The power of the crowd: the European Citizens' Initiative

The Lisbon Treaty introduced the European Citizens Initiative, which allows citizens to submit law proposals on matters of EU competence to the European Commission. A law proposal must be backed by at least one million EU citizens from at least seven of the 28 Member States. 

The EP has committed to facilitating the use of such instrument and to holding hearings on the initiatives that have reached the required number of signatures.

The European Parliamentary Research Service released a report on the status of the ECI, providing an account of implementation issues and recommendations for improvement. 


Read more about the European Citizens' Initiative here and see the fact sheets prepared by European Parliament 


Watch the video and learn how the Citizens' Initiative works:

Reflective questions

Were the tools described in this section new to you? Is there anything that particularly strikes your attention? Would you consider any of these tools in your advocacy strategy?