EP instruments, sources, and resources

The European Parliament, on the basis of the principle of transparency, provides citizens with access to a wide range of materials, documents, infographics, legal resources, studies, videos, and more to document and disseminate its work

4. The audio-visual sources of the European Parliament

The EP's video web service is called EuroparlTV and features a lot of useful materials, including informational and background videos.

EuroparlTV content is available in several formats through an online database and is fully integrated with social media. Most videos are subtitled in the EU's 24 official languages. The service also allows to watch the plenary meetings of the EP, the EP committees, and other events.

The EP also created an educational video library to allow citizens to get to know European institutions better, and also this edu-kit has benefited from the materials produced.  

Here you can watch the EP's official Youtube channel.

The EP's works can also be followed on the European Commission's audio-visual site.

There are other Youtube channels, related to MEPs or parties present in the EP, that feature several useful videos.

The blog European Parliament Media Network provides a selection of multimedia content on the EU.

The official channel of the European Parliament Research Center on Youtube. Here, an example of a video by the European Parliamentary Research Service, useful to assess the implementation status of the Employment Equality Directive (2000/78/EC) in 2016.