EP instruments, sources, and resources

The European Parliament, on the basis of the principle of transparency, provides citizens with access to a wide range of materials, documents, infographics, legal resources, studies, videos, and more to document and disseminate its work

8. Other sources

European Parliament / Register of Documents – reasoned opinions

According to the regulation (EC) n. 1049/2001 the European Parliament, the Council, and the Commission provide an online register of documents that - according to art. 15 of the TFEU - can be accessed by any EU citizen and any person resident in a Member State.                    

National Parliament opinions and Commission replies (EC database)

Here you can find the opinions of national Parliaments and the answers of the European Commission.

Public register of Council documents

Official documents

The database where you can find the official documents of all EU institutions and bodies.

N-Lex: A common gateway to national law

Here you can access the national legislative databases of individual Member States.